Holy Child Primary School

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Week 9: 15th June Final Week

Week 9 beginning Monday 15th June 2020


Good morning P4,


This is our last online learning plan for Primary 4.  We are so proud of your dedication and your hard work while learning at home with your family. You are all superstars in our eyes!


In this week's guide we have included some Literacy, Numeracy and WAU tasks for you.  We have also added in a section called Memories this week.  We invite you to look back at our year together in P4 and tell us about your favourite memories.

Please do not feel pressured to complete all of this week’s tasks. Choose those which you will enjoy the most.


The plans and work that we have shared on our website with you during our home learning period will remain on our Home Learning Zone until mid-August.  If you want, you can always look back over the Summer to revise or complete work you missed.


God bless,

Miss Dougan, Mrs Thompson and Mrs Moran