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Primary 4 A

Welcome to Primary 4!



Welcome to Miss Rooney's class
P.4 a (amazing and awesome)!

Dear Parents,
The following information will answer the most frequently asked questions relating to
Primary 4.
Parents’ Meeting will take place in November.
We look forward to a happy and productive year in P.4.
Thank you in advance for your continued support.

Miss P. Rooney, Miss C. O’Brien, Mrs Thompson & Mr. N. Cunningham
(Primary 4 teachers)
  • Homework:
Homework is given Mon – Thurs.
It should take no longer than 20 minutes to complete.
It will usually include spellings and reading.
Spelling is taught within the class and sent home for consolidation. We follow the ‘Have a Go’ approach. Children are asked to sound out words, break them into chunks and see if they ‘look right’. At home, children are asked to Look, Say, Cover, Write and Check their spellings (LSCWC).

  • Reading
We encourage children to read for at least ten minutes per night. They receive a reading book every Monday, which has already been discussed within class. They visit the school library once a week to choose a book.
  • PE
Our PE day is Friday.
As part of our approach to healthy living, P.4 pupils are asked to change for PE.

We wear our PE gear to school and change into uniforms afterwards.

  • Snack
We encourage a healthy approach to mid-morning snack. Pupils bring in their own snack which should consist of a piece of fruit or plain biscuit and water or milk to drink.
Pupils can bring in water to drink throughout the day.

  • Mathematics
A practical approach to the teaching of Maths topics is adopted. They include adding and subtracting tens/units and hundreds/tens/units; counting to 1000; early multiplication and division; money to £10; time (12 hr clock); fractions (1/2, ¼); shape and space; symmetry and data handling.

  • The World Around Us
As part of the new Revised Curriculum, History, Geography and Science merge into a new area called ‘The World Around Us’. Key topics include Time to Move :how we move - our bodies and how to be healthy; movement of time – days/months/seasons, now and then; how things move- forces and energy, migration).
Life during World War II; we discover which countries were involved and their leaders; conscription and the role of women; rationing, evacuation, Make-do-and-mend and recycling and Victory parties.
Birds and Beasts: Animals and Mythical Creatures/Legends.

  • First Holy Communion Saturday 14th May 2016
It would be of great benefit to your child if he/she is taken to Mass regularly and Mass responses practised.

Who made the most words?

 Wishing you all very Happy Easter that is filled with plenty of love and happiness.                       

"God Gave his only son so the world might witness his perfect love"



"Simply the Best " Caretaker 


Mr Reilly 
Does Everything 
From changing all the light bulbs to 
moving all the bins.

Moving the furniture and putting up the shelves
these are the things we cannot do ourselves.

Important things to keep Holy Child running
He is always on the go
He makes us look like we are all very slow

We Want you to know YOU ARE "SIMPLY THE BEST"
School Caretaker of "THE WEST"


Don't be a Road Monster

Parents !
Check out this COOL Road Safety Film.
'Road Monster'

*Remember ....... DRIVE SAFE ALWAYS*

We Would Like to thank the children for all the hard work they put into the Animal Projects. A BIG THANK YOU also for all the support you gave at home ! The Chlidren really enjoyed all projects....... " I Really liked the project " , " Magical & Colourful" , "Decorating puppets" WELL DONE EVERYONE!! We enjoyed it too. Ms Agnew & Mrs Nugent ;))

Animal Magic

What a busy start to Term Two!  We are so busy finding out about The Animal Kingdom right now.  Our research skills and powers of observation are being put to the test.   We had to sort our animal toys according to things that they had in common e.g. what they looked like, where they were from, what they liked to eat, that sort of thing.

(This is called classifying.) 

Check out our photos from our visit from Belfast Zoo



























Fr Mc Glynn came into our class today and brought some toys from when he was a child.

He showed us an action man that was still in its box.

He also had an action man doll that belonged to his brother.

Fr Mc Glynn looked after his toys so well he has had them for over 40 years.





Some of P.4a brought in their first toys also.

Do you think toys have changed from when FrMcGlynn was a boy ?

P.4a November Awards

The Season of Advent


The word Advent comes from Latin 'adventus' which means 'arrival' or 'coming'.

Primary 4a are preparing to celebrate the birth of Jesus.


Have a look at our wonderful photos from our Assembly and our beautiful work created by P4a.




              LOVE                  HOPE                  JOY                    PEACE                          


Have a Happy & Safe Halloween

CastleEspie Trip 2015

We are so creative! Look at our moving vehicles!

We used mirrors to help us sketch our chalk self portraits!

We made our own toothpaste! We mixed the ingredients.

We added peppermint oil for flavouring. Mr Short was so impressed that he gave us all a gold award badge!

When we touched the solid coconut oil it turned into liquid with the heat of our hands. Coconut oil is a natural anti bacterial material.

P4a September Awards!

We've been finding out about the parts of our bodies. This jigsaw was difficult but we didn't give up!