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Primary 7 A

Welcome to Primary 7A's webpage!


Below are some photos taken during our World Around Us topic, A Breath of Fresh Air.


Creating the background to write our haiku poems on...

We made kites and flew them in the breeze...
We made and decorated mini wind turbines...
Creating different notes using various amounts of water in a bottle...


Primary 7A and 7B were involved in a session led by teachers from CBS Belfast on using IZAC 9.  Everybody had great fun during the practical activities and lots of learning and development of mental maths skills took place!

Ulster American Folk Park


As part of our Victorians/The Great Famine World Around Us topic, we visited the Ulster American Folk Park in Omagh.  It was a most enjoyable experience and brought the Children of the Famine trilogy, which was read by the class, to life.  Interacting with the actors gave the class a greater appreciation and understanding of what life in Ireland and America was like in the 1840s.