Holy Child Primary School

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Trip to Musgrave Park

We started our very busy day with a nature walk.  The park rangers showed us different kinds of trees e.g. ash, hazelnut and maple.  We searched for acorns, leaves, conkers, hazelnuts and berries.


The children picked some flowers to see who could make the best bouquet.
Mick and Dee used branches from a crooked hazelnut tree to make each child a Harry Potter wand.
We were so lucky we even got to meet Aidan the bird man. He let us hold and pet a Gold crest, a Robin and a Dunnock.  He showed the children how he measures and tags the birds.
John and Dee helped the children to make tepees using sticks and hay.  It was great fun especially when we got to jump in the hay piles.
Before we went home we threw seed balls to try and help new plants grow.