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I.C.T. (Internet Safety Day - Tues 9th Feb)

Internet Safety Day - Tuesday 9th February 2021


1. Read/Listen to the story ‘Detective Digiduck’ here:


2. Write an email to Wise Owl telling him what the story has taught you. 

  • You can send it from yourself or pretend you are writing as Digiduck.
  • You could write this by hand, use the template provided or you could use a device to type it.


3. Send a copy of your ‘email’ to your teacher using Seesaw and they might even be able to send it on to Wise Owl for you.


Template for your email & a word bank to help



Poster competition


Create an E-Safety poster and send to your teacher via Seesaw.  You can create it using crayons, pens, markers etc or you can create it electronically. 


Posters must be sent to your teacher before Friday so they can be entered into the competition.

Be Internet Legends


Be Internet Legend Family Series is an excellent series of adventures that children and parents can watch together. This covers many great skills and behaviours that children should be aware of help them become positive users of the Internet.


Use this link to watch the videos with your family.