Holy Child Primary School

Sharing, Caring and Learning


Primary 3 B

Welcome to P3B!
Mrs. Kielty & Mrs Mc Gleave

Welcome to P3B!! We are all looking forward to a fun filled and busy year. The learning and fun are already underway! Look at our pictures below to find out about some of our activities we have enjoyed.

We are learning lots of interesting things about Under the Ground. We know about underground animals, root vegetables, composting and even where our dirty water goes.
Watch this space.

Our boys and girls had a fantastic trip to the beach to learn about 'Life on the Ocean Waves'. Check out the pictures below'

Our Primary 3 children enjoyed a trip to The Argory to support learning in the topic 'Life 100 Years Ago'. Have a look at some of the photographs below!
Wash day in the Early 1900's!! Or is it 2016??
We made jam sandwiches to learn about 'Instructional Writing' and 'Quarters'. Yummy yummy!!

Yuck! Yuck!!! We made disgusting sandwiches to scare away those pesky seagulls!!

Our Busy Bees have been using messy soil, wriggly worms, precious jewels and much more to create beautiful Under the Ground pictures.

We have had fun painting vegetables in P3!

We had a busy morning cooking vegetable soup in class. It was worth the wait. Yummy yummy!

Busy farmers digging for root vegetables!

Practical Maths in P3B is lots of fun!!

Our Little Human Clocks!!! What a fun way to learn the time!!

Multiplication using sets of 10!

We had a busy time outdoors finding 'Multiplication Pairs' when learning about the 10 Times Tables.

World Around Us & Mathematics. We made 'Top Hats' so we could divide them equally!!! Does Mr Short know about our new teachers in Holy Child??

All our children enjoyed making top hats. We promise we didn't lick our fingers until the end!!

We had fun dividing our top hats, making sure to share them out evenly!! That's really important when you divide!

Yummy yummy!! A treat after all that hard work!

Congratulations to our class superstars who received certificates from Mr Short