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A Marching Song

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World War II Air Raid Shelters

Golden Time

Award Winners

Getting Ready For Our Big Day Tomorrow

Our First Holy Communion

We selected a team member to draw around and then worked together to fill in the details. 

What do you think of the likenesses?

Next we thought about the ways in which footwear has been designed to help us move in different ways. We brought in footwear from home and looked at some unusual examples too. Anyone for skiing?
As P.4 is a very special year for us we have begun by thinking about what makes each one of us unique.  We made an e-book about our special qualities. 


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Mrs McCoy from The School of Music will be coming to us every Friday until Christmas. 

Fun in the Music Room

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Mrs Mack

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Ding-dong, I've Got a Rhythm in my Head!

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Teddy Bear Shampoo

We have been learning about good hygiene and reading about Dirty Bertie.  He does not like being clean AT ALL! So we decided to give him a makeover. We made our own shampoo too. 

Ulster Museum

What a great day we had at the museum today! Thank you to all of our adult helpers for joining us on the trip. Thanks also to Mrs. Maguire for organising everything. Here are some pictures from the day. Look out for Dippy Dinosuar!

Musical Fun

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Baby Shark

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Castle Espie

What a great trip we had today at Castle

Espie! Thank you to our adult helpers. You were a super support. We learned about the migration journey of the Brent Geese which fly from Canada to Strangford Lough every Autumn. They number 25,000 in total and love to feed on eel grass in the lough. We viewed them secretly through binoculars in the hide and afterwards had our picture taken with a huge goose made from willow.  Feeding the ducks was our favourite activity. We had to be careful not to fall in! Finally we had fun in the Wildwood play area. 

Tooth Decay

We are investigating tooth decay.  We took some substances containing different amounts of sugar and soaked a piece of eggshell in each one for a week.  The results are shown below:

Coke caused the most damage and water was least harmful. We were surprised to find that honey seemed to preserve the eggshell. It barely changed colour, nor did it soften or crack. We decided that it must contain a different type of sugar to the other substances. 

Let's Get Brushing!

Getting Creative

These three pupils got creative at home. One made her own pencil case, another made his own saltwater powered engine and the third made Toothpaste Slime. Very impressive, I'm sure you'll agree!
We wondered if the height of a ramp would have an effect upon the distance a vehicle travelled so we tested out a variety of toy cars and discovered that it really does.  The higher the ramp, the further the vehicles travelled in most cases although some cars lost control and went into tail spins when they travelled down the highest ramp. It just shows you that speed is dangerous. No car reached 5m (500cm) although the wooden truck was very close with a distance of 496cm! The little green car did worst of all. It came last at every height. We think that this was because it had squeaky wheels. 

Goodbye, Coach Niall

Game Time

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Christmas Jumper Day

Father Christmas in a Round

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Pollution Investigation

What a Winner!


Miss Kennedy was our teaching student for the last six weeks. She taught us many new things and we had lots of fun along the way. We wish her well in her future teaching career and know that she will go far. Let's take a glimpse at some of our highlights together...


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E-safety Training