Holy Child Primary School

Sharing, Caring and Learning


Week 4: Tues 12th May

Week 4 beginning 12th May 2020


Good morning P4,


Here is the guide for this week’s tasks. 


Our focus this week is on First Holy Communion and completing the related tasks in, particular the art task.  We ask you to prioritise this task and send it to your teacher via Seesaw before Wednesday 13th May at 3pm. 


Tasks described in this week's guide can be found in the folders below. To complete these tasks, you can print them or write answers in your exercise book or on pages. Remember to look for the work for your group i.e. grasshopper, caterpillar etc.  If you can’t remember which group you are in ask your parent to message your teacher.


Don’t forget to share your work/progress with your teacher by sending them pictures and work through your account using the Seesaw Class app. 


Parents/guardians can create their own account on the Seesaw Family app where they can communicate directly/privately with the class teacher regarding difficulties or concerns etc.


Take care,

Miss Dougan, Mrs Thompson and Mrs Moran