Holy Child Primary School

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Hi Guys

We hope you and your family are all doing well during these difficult times. We know it can be tough not being able to go outside and hang out with your friends or to visit family members. During this Easter Week, why not spend a little bit of time doing some small acts of kindness to cheer those around you up.


Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Write or draw what kindness means to them

  • Check in on neighbours in a safe way – perhaps, put a note through their door

  • Call or write to a relative

  • Draw a rainbow and put it in your window to show hope

  • Write down three things they are grateful for

  • Do something helpful for a family member – help lay the table or could you keep their bedroom tidy?

  • Stay at home - by following this advice you are being kind to others in the community and helping to save lives.


You can print out ‘My Kind Acts’ and ‘The Power of Kindness Calendar’ and record your kind acts.


Most importantly guys, be kind to yourselves.


Best wishes from Mr Moran, Mr Treacy and Mrs Deignan.