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Welcome to Mrs Madden's class.

We have settled really well into Primary 4.  

Our World Around Us theme is "Time to Move" and we will be finding out how things change over time.  We know that we will change as we get older.  We decided to measure our height and shoe size at the start of P4 and at the end of P4.  

How much will we grow?

Teighan was the tallest. He is 140cm. Sophia is the shortest. She is 117cm.  Who will be the tallest and shortest in June and who will have grown the most?

We had so much fun drawing life size pictures of our friends.

We painted the lifesize drawings and put them on display in our classroom. 

We made an E-Book. It's about how special we are. Hope you enjoy it!


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Art is so much fun!

We brought lots of different shoes to school and we were allowed to put our shoes on the desk!!!!

Take a look at our sketches. 

We have been learning about symmetry.  It has been great fun using mirrors to find symmetry in different photographs and pictures.

We are learning about place value in Maths.  Look at how hard we are working.

We have enjoyed learning about hundreds, tens and units.

October is here.


We raised so much money and had great fun doing our sponsored walk.  Our class raised £200.

Thank You


Science Time

Take a look at the photographs.

We made shampoo using a few ingredients.

We used Castile soap, water and essential oils.

Our favourite oils were lemon, lime, grapefruit and orange.  We didn't  like tea tree oil, patchouli and dewberry.



We love PE

Niall the coach is so much fun.



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We went to Castle Espie on Wednesday 14th November.

It is a fantastic place to visit and overlooks Strangford Lough.

We are learning about migration and we saw lots of different birds and ducks.  We found out that the Brent Geese at Strangford Lough have migrated here from North Canada.


The staff at Castle Espie had lovely things for us to do.  We fed the ducks and geese.  It was so much fun. Take a look.

Our next task was bird spotting.  We walked to the Brent hide and used binoculars.  We watched the Brent geese feeding in Strangford Lough.  We found out that they eat quite a lot of eel grass to put on lots of weight.

The last activity was great fun and we learned about the journey of the Brent geese.  We found out that the geese will leave Ireland and go to Iceland, Greenland and home to Canada.  

After lunch, we walked through the forest to the park.  Even the teachers played in the park.

Monday 12th - Friday 16th November

Anti-bullying week

We have been learning about how to be a great friend and how to keep our friends happy and safe.

To celebrate anti-bullying week, we wore odd socks to school. Take a look.


As part of our World Around Us theme "Time to Move" we have been learning about ourselves. We looked at how much sugar is in our food and drinks.  We got a big surprise when we revealed the results.  We know that too much sugar is not good for our body and our teeth.  To find out what sugar does to our teeth, we took part in a science experiment. We used eggshells as they are strong like teeth and a variety of sugary liquids. Take a look.


We labelled the cups and selected which liquid we would like to test.  We are going to predict which liquid will break down the eggshell the most over the next seven days.  

Which one do you think will cause the most damage?


Now we have to sit and wait!!!


Our new World Around Us theme is Animal Magic.

We will be learning about animals from all over the world.

Do you know what MR FAB means.

M is for Mammals.

R is for Reptiles.

F is for Fish.

A is for Amphibians.

B is for Birds.



We looked at lots of animals and noticed symmetry. We decided to try some pictures on animal symmetry. Have a look below. 


Look at our fantastic animal projects. It was great fun finding out about new and interesting animals from around the world.

As part of our Animal Magic project, we looked at pollution and how plastic has become a problem in our world. We used Google to search for information and found out that many animals are harmed by the plastic that we throw away.We decided to try and use our water bottles more than one time by refilling them from the school water fountain. We discussed what happens to plastic when it is thrown away and brought to the dump. We found out that many items made of plastic take a very long time to decompose. Our science investigation was great fun. We had to decide which plastic items would decompose sooner than others. Have a look at the photographs to see what we did.

Our next topic was " It's all Greek to me" and we really enjoyed learning about life in Greece a long time ago. We learned how to say Hello in Greek and write using the Greek alphabet. The best part was tasting Greek food. We tasted houmous, olives, greek yoghurt, flatbreads, olive oil , honey and feta cheese.

One of our favouriate Greek myths was the story of Medusa. Look at our Medusa masks.

We designed comic strips to retell Greek myths and legends and painted pictures too.

Getting Ready For Our Big Day Tomorrow

P4C Communion May 2019

Our last topic was World War 2. We went to Springhill to find out what life was like during the war. It was a brilliant rip with lots to see and do.

We had a look around the beautiful gardens and learned about growing food during the war. We had to hide when the siren went off and joined in with a marching song.

Identity cards had to be filled in during the war. We made an identity card and we had to carry it at all times in Springhill.