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Hello and welcome to our class page. Throughout the year I hope to keep you updated with information and pictures of your child's time and work in Primary 6C. We've had a wonderful start to the year. The children are kind, well mannered and caring. They are also working very hard! Below is a rough guide to the curriculum for this year. As you're aware Primary 6 is a very important year and if you ever wish to speak to me about any matters regarding your child's education or well being, my door is always open. Please don't hesitate to call.









The pupils will read a range of texts for information, ideas and enjoyment. They will have opportunities to engage in the following:

Class novels


Personal reading

Library books


You should try to encourage your child to read every night, from a variety of text, in addition to any homework.



Pupils will be given the opportunities to plan and present their ideas in a variety of formats and forms paying attention to punctuation, grammar and handwriting. Children are encouraged to use cursive script. The children will be working on different types of writing including:

report writing







Talking and Listening:

Pupils will have an opportunity in class to discuss, form opinions, express points of view and relate to personal experiences.



Children will be given experiences across the curriculum to use Numeracy skills to solve problems using the correct mathematical language.




Place value


Percentages, fractions and decimals

Number patterns and sequences

Negative numbers

Calculator work








Length and distance


Time- 12 and 24 hour clock




Shape and Space:



2D and 3D Shape properties



Handling Data:




Interpreting data




Mental Maths:

Developing Strategies to complete calculations, children should also be familiar with tables up to 12x12.


The World Around Us


Pupils will develop knowledge, skills and understanding through a topic based approach to learning.

Topics this year will be:

Warriors of the World, Our Place in the Universe and Unsinkable.



Children will be given an opportunity to keep fit and active through fundamental skills. Children will participate in swimming, athletics and a variety of different games.

During Term 1 all P6 children attend Whiterock Leisure Centre for swimming lessons.



Children will be able to express themselves through Music, Art and Drama activities.


Religion: Grow in Love Primary 6 programme

This is a new programme developed to help children explore their faith through the Grow in Love programme and RSE.



Your child has homework every night except Fridays or holidays and should spend about one hour a night on it. If possible, please sign homework each night. Reading or revising orally may be in addition to the hour suggested for written work.

Weekend and holiday homework will be given to those children involved in the transfer procedure during the third term.


School Routines:

All children are expected to be in the line each morning at 8.50am

School ends at 3.00pm except on Friday when it ends at 2.00pm.

All pupils should wear school uniform each day and bring P.E gear on P.E days to change into.

We hope your child has an enjoyable year in Primary 6. We are always here to assist and support you. If you need to speak to the class teacher, please make an appointment through the school office.


Thanking you in advance for a happy, enjoyable and productive year,


Mr Cunningham nosmiley


P6C Getting Ready For Christmas

P6C Getting Ready For Christmas 1
P6C Getting Ready For Christmas 2
P6C Getting Ready For Christmas 3
P6C Getting Ready For Christmas 4
P6C Getting Ready For Christmas 5
P6C Getting Ready For Christmas 6
P6C Getting Ready For Christmas 7
P6C Getting Ready For Christmas 8
P6C Getting Ready For Christmas 9
P6C Getting Ready For Christmas 10
P6C Getting Ready For Christmas 11
P6C Getting Ready For Christmas 12
P6C Getting Ready For Christmas 13
P6C Getting Ready For Christmas 14
P6C Getting Ready For Christmas 15
P6C Getting Ready For Christmas 16
P6C Getting Ready For Christmas 17
P6C Getting Ready For Christmas 18
P6C Getting Ready For Christmas 19

Instructional Writing: The children worked together, writing a set of instructions, to create their own smoothie. Cunningham's Juice Bar is opening soon. All smoothies very reasonably priced!!