Holy Child Primary School

Sharing, Caring and Learning


Primary 4 A

Welcome to our Class Page.

We are P4a.

Our teacher is Miss Rooney.

Mrs McGleave, our assistant, is with us too!

Miss Rooney thinks we are a... amazing and awesome!



We are moving to P5!

Our P5 teacher is Miss Dougan. She knows us from P3.

Our classroom is near the computer suite. It has hooks outside the door for our coats

We line up at the front steps on the other side of the school.

The toilets are outside the computer suite for the girls and along the corridor for the boys!

Goodbye everyone! We have had a great year... check out our best bits!


Still image for this video

Having fun getting fit with Fitness Freddie! 

Sports Day 2017

It was the Clash of the Classes!

Time to run ...the fastest runners!

Slalom success!

Mrs Thompson gives some last minute advice!

Long throw winners...

A few action shots!

Long kick...

Bean bag pick up ...

Over a few hurdles on the road to victory!

It's all about teamwork in the Relay!

Oh brother! What a great day!

Medal time!

The final frame ... see you next year!

So ...who did grow the most this year? 

Still the tallest and the shortest!

And we grew the most (7cms) and the least (2cms)!

Our theme for Term 3 is Life during World War II

1941... the Belfast Blitz!

P4 Evacuated to Springhill! 

Goodbye Belfast!

Make do and Mend

Air Raid at Springhill!

Rationing! Time to Dig for Victory!

Back to School for National Identity Cards!

Finally...time for lunch in the sun!

Looking for a good book to read? 

Check out the Book Trust website - click on link below pic! 

Read about an author who overcame her difficulties with dyslexia! 

"Do this in memory of me."

Father McGlynn showed us the vestments a priest will put on to celebrate the Mass. Do you know the name of each part?

We copied The Last Supper by DaVinci

We have been finding out about the Last Supper. Soon we will share the Bread of Life too when we celebrate our First Holy Communion.

2017 Award Winners

Term 2 

Our theme is It's All Greek to Me! 

Watch out for Medusa!

We had a Greek picnic for snack time! Have you tasted any of these Greek foods?

We wondered ...what would it be like for the Greek soldiers waiting like inside the Wooden Horse of Troy?

We recorded our ideas and pictures in an e-book!

Inside the Wooden Horse of

Still image for this video

Icarus and his father made wings to escape! We used feathers to make bird masks! Do you recognise us?

Where is the Minotaur!?

Can we program the Bee-Bot to go round the island? And the track?

We made mythical creatures! Guess who?

Happy Pancake Tuesday! 

Take some eggs, milk and flour. Add a pinch of salt. Mix into a batter!

Cook the pancake. Then toss the pancake! Well done Caoimhe for taking these super photos!

Did you see some mad scientists in school?

 Time to put on our white lab coats!

Which materials make the best insulators?

Time to predict the outcome!

We are very positive about making ice-cube tray batteries! 

We made indicators and tested acids and alkaline materials.

Time for some fun! Stir...filter...test! 

Can you see what happened to the liquid?

Now we are investigating DNA!

Mash to break down the cell wall. Add Fairy liquid to dissolve the membrane. Results time - time to use a microscope!

Do you know the properties of 3D shapes?

Have you heard of Chinese Tangrams? We made pictures from the shapes!

Term 2 a

Our theme for this term is Animal Magic! 

Do you know what MR FAB means?

How many ways can you think of to sort the animals?

Look at our animal symmetry sketches!

We can make animals too!

And which frog won The Jump?

And the award goes to ...

January Award Winners! November, October and September Stars!

Term 1

Our theme for this term is Time to Move!

Time is moving's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas in P4! Time for the Christmas Singalong! 

We looked at toys which move. Some were wind up toys, others you had to push and pull. Look at our reports and drawings!

What if ...a car was travelling down a ramp? Would the height of the ramp make any difference? Or the surface? Or the weight of the car? We love investigating! 

What else moves when you push or pull it? How many can do both?

Toys have changed a lot over time. Look at the Timeline of Toys!


Animals move ..they migrate.

We went to Caste Espie to see the Brent Geese.

They fly from Arctic Canada to Ireland every year.

Their favourite food is eel grass which is found in Castle Espie. 



We fed the ducks and geese! Look at how they peck and dive for the grains. When they dive it is called 'upending'.

We used binoculars in the hide.

We used the posters to identify the wildfowl.

Look at how far they have flown!

We enjoyed sketching the geese too!

Then we had a lot of fun 'moving' around the woodland park!

What an adventure! I'm a Holy Child pupil...get me out of here!

Our very own Muck Monster!

Then we played the Jungle Drums!

Time moves on in days, weeks, months, seasons and years! Happy Halloween everyone!

 We have moved from P3 to P4.

We wondered who would grow the most this year so we measured our heights!

Here we are standing in order from the tallest to the smallest! 

Can you see who is the tallest? And who is the smallest?

Then we wondered...

Do the tallest pupils have the biggest feet? And do the smallest pupils have the smallest feet?

To solve this question we sorted the class in order of shoe size. And guess what? It is true!



We even sorted shoes for homework!

We compared shoes (now and then) - baby shoes and the shoes we wear now! Look how much our feet have grown! We used charcoal to sketch shoes, looking at light and shadow. 
Did you know that a verb is an action word? Have you met Podd? He is a tomato head character who can do 150 things! We are trying to think of 150 verbs! 

During activity time we created moving creatures and vehicles!

We learned that it is important to have good personal hygiene. Our class novel is Dirty Bertie. So we decided he needed some advice! We gave him a makeover.

Dirty Bertie before and after!

And we made our own handwash! 


To move we need to eat the right kinds of food. We need to be careful about the amount of sugar in our food. P4s should eat no more than 24g in a day. 

We examined the labels on food to discover how much sugar they have in them.

You will be SHOCKED!


Next we looked at the effect of sugar on our teeth.

We used eggshells to test drinks as they are a similar material to teeth. Look at our results!

The energy drink and coke turned the eggshell brown and mushy. Water left the eggshell unaffected.

Finally we made our own toothpaste from natural materials.

Baking soda, sweetener, salt, coconut oil and mint. 



Our bodies are made up of many parts! 


During Structured Activities we use table top games to make up words.

Look at the list we have created! Good teamwork too!

And we love improving our maths with a game!

But sometimes... there is nothing better than reading a good book with a good friend!

Look at our incredible Symmetry Creatures!

We created repeat patterns using half shapes.

We have a new Religion programme called Grow in Love.

We have been talking about Jesus being a healer. He used his hands to heal people.

So we decided to bless our hands.

We pray that our hands will be helping hands.