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Welcome to Our e-Safety Zone!

We hope you find it informative and useful!

It is divided into two sections.

The first section is for parents and the second section is for pupils! 

Information for parents/guardians regarding the TicTok app.



Join in on Safer Internet Day: 5th Feb 2019!


A reminder that Tuesday 5th February is Internet Safety Day. 

Safer Internet Day 2019 will be celebrated globally with the theme:

Together for a better internet.


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For Parents:

There are a few key websites which offer crucial advice. 

Click on the www world icons below to link to them! 

Need some advice about Fortnite? 

Click below to link to NSPCC Net Aware!

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Got a new tablet or laptop?

Find out how to SET IT UP FOR SAFE USE! 

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More advice from NSPCC NetAware.  
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Concerned about CYBERBULLYING? 

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Advice from Safer Internet on Cyberbullying...

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The best approach?

For Pupils


if you are worried about anything that happens online speak to

Mrs Deery (designated teacher),  

   Mr McKiernan (e-safety coordinator),

your teacher or any trusted adult! 


Soon some of our pupils will be Digital Leaders!

They will be helping to promote e-safety! 

SMART advice!

SMART advice! 1

Need some advice on Fortnite?

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Read about Digiduck and his pals! Check out the winning films created by pupils!

 Read about Digiduck and his pals! Check out the winning films created by pupils! 1
Are you worried about Cyberbullying?
Find out about the new code...Stop. Speak. Support. 
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Think You Know how to be safe online?
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