Holy Child Primary School

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Under the Ground

The children have really enjoyed this topic so far.  We have learnt about vegetables that grow beneath the grow.  The children brought in some samples and we watched how they changed as they rotted away.  This led to our first visit to the Eco garden this year.  P3 took their rotten vegetables up to the compost heap where they safely disposed of them.  


With the help of Auntie Mabel from the show "Come Outside" the children safely explored sewage.  Auntie Mabel helped us discover what sewage was and where it can be found.  As you can imagine this led to some fun activities and discussion among the children. 


Another area of the topic that the children have enjoyed exploring is mining.  We explored the various types of mines such as coal, salt, gemstone and gold. (Check back soon for some pictures of our very own gemstones.)




Our Visit to Musgrave Park

Making apple sponge cake

Artwork and displays

Children explore rotting vegetables