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Numeracy in Primary 5

It is essential to develop faster recall Mental Arithmetic skills in Primary 5 to help with all areas of the Numeracy curriculum.

Each day in Numeracy lessons we begin with some games or Mental Arithmetic activities to focus our brain on numerical processes.

So far in Primary 5 we have focussed on Addition and Subtraction to 10 and then 20 orally.

Without knowing our number bonds to 20 it makes all other aspects of Numeracy very difficult.

We have used to consolidate and revise these skills.

The game Hit the Button is great and can be bought on an App to help consolidate tables/ Number Bonds/ Doubles...


We will be working with numbers up to 9,999   using Thousands/ Hundreds/ Tens and Units in P5.


2D Shapes

We have been learning about 2D shapes: how to identify them and discuss their properties.

We have identified the differences in different triangle; the Equilateral/ Isosceles/ Right angled/ Scalene triangles.

We have discussed varied types of lines: horizontal/ vertical/ diagonal/ parallel lines.