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Nursery Unit

Today with Science Starz we carried out some investigations into floating and sinking. We tested pieces of food and fruit and predicted which would float and which would sink in oil and water. 

Thank you Roisin and Deborah for coming to our Nursery Unit today. 

This week Science Starz taught us how to make perfume using flower petals.

We also learned about the different parts of a flower and cut open some flowers to see the parts inside. 

All about flowers

Science Starz visited us again today. We were finding out about tastes and smells.

At one table we tasted things that were salty, sour, sweet and bitter. Some of us had funny faces when we tasted sour lemons! Rosa told us if we taste something and we don't like it, we can hold our noses to stop us tasting it. 

At the other table we had to smell lots of different bottles. Elita had pictures of the things in the bottles and we had to match the smell to the picture. We discovered that garlic and onions smell the same. 

When we finished our investigations we all received a sticker. 

Thank you Science Starz!

Science Starz visited our Nursery Unit today. 

We put on our lab coats and carried out some investigations in our classroom.

We tested balloons, sticks and plates to find out which had the most static. 

How clever are we?

Science Starz

Today in our Nursery Unit we launched the Big Bedtime Read.

Lots of mums and dads and boys and girls listened to the story "The Tiger Who Came to Tea".

Mrs Maguire from the school's Parent Support Group read the story to us.

We made tiger masks while our parents went for tea!

When we were going home we received our new book bags with 6 story books inside.

We will all enjoy listening to these stories.  When we bring our bags back we will receive another bag with more stories.

Look at the photos and you will see how much we all enjoyed listening to the story. 


Big Bedtime Read

Hallowe'en In Holy Child Nursery Unit