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Week 2: ICT Coding and Presentation Skills


You can continue the super Coding Skills that we learned earlier this year when we worked with PWC.

You have access to your account on, where we worked through tasks with the help from the PWC helpers.


You could even set up your own account on, Scratch or other Coding websites online.


There are lots of great CODING APPs that you can use as well.

I like Scratch, Scratch Jr, BeeBot and Lightbot Hour, to name just a few.



By using the Seesaw App you can now send work to your teacher in a variety of ways.

You can send photos of your written and drawn work, as well as showing off your improving Word Processing skills, by typing some of your written tasks.


I like the way you can send photos of your work, but it's interesting that you can also send videos or voice recordings as well.

From now on you could send your work using a combination of these methods.

You could make a PicCollage of you doing practical Maths tasks or a World Around Us activity and attach audio of yourself explaining to your teacher what you did and what you found out.

 The P5 teachers hope you have fun trying this out over the next few weeks.