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We are P4B and we are delighted to welcome you to our class page.  During the year ahead we will be posting lots of pictures and information so that you can be up-to-date with all of the exciting and interesting work that we are going to do. 

Sports Day 2018

Let the games begin!

Circle of Friends

We began this week by thinking and talking about the many ways in which we can be a good friend to others.  We drew pictures of our friends and made an e-book to show our learning. We hope that you enjoy it!


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Time to Move

We have been looking at how our bodies change over time. We have grown so much since we were born and will continue to grow in the future. We decided to measure our heights and compare them to one another. We took pictures of our findings. We found the tallest and smallest and predicted who will grow most. In June we will measure ourselves again to see how much we have grown in P4.

We examined some footwear to see how it helps us to move in different circumstances. We sorted shoes and then tried some on. Can you guess who is wearing these shoes? 

Shoe Review

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Castle Espie

What a wonderful day we had! Hurricane Ophelia was a distant memory as the Primary Fours stepped off the bus into the morning sun at Castle Espie. Stage 1 was a trip to the discovery hide where we got to quietly spy upon the Brent geese through our handy binoculars...


Stage two was a stroll to the duck pond where we got to feed the wildfowl and observe their distinguishing features. We learned that Brent geese are mainly dark-coloured with white tummy feathers and a band of white around their neck. Their beaks are grey/black and their feet are dark too. Some of us were lucky enough to have the ducks eat from our cupped hands. 

Stage three was a walk to the Limekiln Observatory where Janet taught us all about the migration habits of Brent Geese. We learned that they come here to Strangford Lough every year at around the same time that we move into a new class in school. They come from Canada and they fly thousands of miles to reach our shores. Once here they feed on eel grass here in the lough. And when they are fat enough their instinct tells them to return to Canada once again.


Finally we 'migrated' to the deep, dark woods where we discovered a marvellous woodland playground!  No better way to finish the day!

Quacking Good Pictures!

Mapwork Skills
Halloween Fancy Dress Fun

Halloween Wishes

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Geraldine made this little video of our fancy dress parade.

Take Two!

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Odd Sock Day

Today we celebrated the fact that we are all different by coming to school wearing odd socks.

We recently made some shampoo for our teddies and one pupil was so inspired that she made this bubbly mixture at home. She won't tell us her secret ingredients but we are very impressed by her DIY. 😀

We love to read!


Mrs. Santa Claus

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Check out the P.4 performance of Mrs. Santa Claus at our Christmas Sing-a-long.

Christmas Fun


Science Starz - Melting Chocolate Experiment

Today we became scientists investigating the transfer of heat through metals. We had three pieces of wire made from different metals. One was copper, one was brass and one was aluminium. We carefully placed a chocolate button through the tip of each wire. Then we placed the wires in a beaker and the adults added hot water.  The beaker rested safely in a plastic basin. We had to predict which would be the best metal for transferring heat to melt the chocolate. Most of us predicted aluminium but in fact copper was the best. Have a look at our pics and video to see what happened. 

Melting Chocolate

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Tangram Fun

Chinese tangrams are puzzles made up of 7 pieces (or tans) which you arrange without overlapping to make pictures.  We had a lot of fun today making our own. Challenge one was to mix up the pieces and then to try and make the square again. We struggled until G and D cracked it! Well done guys! Challenge two was to make pictures of animals, people and objects. See if you can guess what we created.

Science Starz: Ramp Test

Today we had a look at gravity and friction in our ramp tests.  We had to compare ramps set at three different heights to see which one allowed the car to travel further. We predicted that the higher the ramp, the further the car would travel and we were right!

Then we compared two different surfaces on the floor to see which one would create most friction and slow the car down as it left the ramp. One surface was lino and the other was carpet. We predicted that the carpet would slow the car down and we were right. This is because it is a rough surface.

It's all Greek to Me!

We have started our new theme and have lots of questions to ask. Check out our videos to listen to our thoughts.



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Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

 World War II at Springhill