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Primary 5 B

Welcome to P5B!
Mr. McKiernan's Class
Primary 5B 2015-2016
Here are some of the topics and themes that will be covered in Primary 5 this year.
The World Around Us
Mesolithic and Neolithic Man in Ireland
The Ancient Egyptians
· Their roles as Hunters and Gatherers.
· The importance of stone (flint) in their lives.
· How flint was used.
· How homes were built.
· The development of farming.
· Burial tombs
· New Grange
  • Introduction to the Ancient Egyptians
  • The importance of the Nile.
  • Land of the Pharaohs, gods and River Nile.
  • Egyptian way of life & traditions
  • Clothes
  • Homes
  • Egyptian Myths & Legends – Tutankhamun
  • Deaths & Burials
  • Mummies
Some concepts in Numeracy and Literacy can be tricky for many pupils. Additional support and practice may be needed at home with these.
· Addition and Subtraction: with exchange up to Th H T U
· Multiplication Facts: Times Tables up to x 10 table.
· Division: is the reverse of multiplication: 2x5=10 10 ./. 2=5
· Time: matching digital with analogue time
(9:15 is the same as quarter past 9)
· Money: adding and calculating change up to £5:00 and then £10:00
· Fractions: how to calculate a proportion of an amount. ( ½ ¼ 1/10 1/5 1/3 1/8)
· Decimals: introducing simple tenths as 0.1 up to 1.0 etc
· Check over their work for COPS ! (Capital letters/ Words omitted/ Punctuation and Spellings )
· Writing answers using a full sentence.
· Being able to identify different parts of language e.g. Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives.
· Begin to write in varied styles e.g. story retelling through play scripts.
· Children in Primary 5 will be improving their ICT skills throughout the year by learning to:
· Insert clipart, text, Word art and graphics from Google images into a Word Document to make posters etc or to create a Power Point Presentation.
· How to exchange ideas using the safe ICT environment of the Learning N.I. website.
· Some great websites could be used at home to consolidate what the children have being learning in school:
· Topmarks (Numeracy and Literacy games)
· Starfall ( Phonics work/ Literacy)
· Woodlands Maths Zone
We are very lucky in that we are able to work with a coach from the Gaelic Council to learn and improve Hurling skills in this term in Primary 5.
All of the pupils agree that they are learning lots and having great fun at the same time!
In the second term we will be taking part in Swimming Lessons in the Andersonstown Leisure Centre. The children will work with very experienced staff members to develop their confidence in water and their proficiency in the water.
We will be able to develop our creative and musical skills by working with a tutor from the School of Music to learn how to play the African Drum. The school now have more than 20 drums and all of the children love to make as much noise on them as possible.
The children in Primary 5 will be following the Alive O programme for this year group. In previous years the children have really enjoyed reading and learning about stories from the Old Testament using a children’s bible.
We are also following the RSE programme, as set out by the Down and Connor Diocese, throughout the school this year. The programme is linked with our work in PDMU themes covered in primary 5. (Personal Development and Mutual Understanding)
The main focus of the programme is to gain a greater understanding of our own emotional and physical development and how to foster an atmosphere and climate where each child can make responsible and well informed decisions.
I will keep you updated about other appropriate websites and relevant topics to discuss and possibly do some research about throughout the year.
I hope that your child enjoys their time in primary 5 and has fun doing so!
Mr. McKiernan

Our class friendship tree and contract.

Tangram fun! Children had to make an image using 7 set shapes.

We are learning about our senses. Take a look at our big smelling and taste tests!

Mighty me! We can identify and locate our major organs.

Practical Numeracy. We can show different ways to multiply.

Our visit from the Fire Service.

Pharaoh Death Masks and mummifying apples!

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