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Week 3: Monday 4th May



During the Month of May we pray to Mary our Mother. Please look into Religion in the Shared Home learning Page to find prayers, songs and a range of activities related to Mary Our Mother. 

At school we would make a simple May Altar. This is something you could do at home. Perhaps your child could draw Mary, write out the Hail Mary and add some flowers.


Many Thanks

Primary Three Teachers


We have been given access to 'Oxford Owl' books online for Children from P1 to P3. These books have our ORT characters and are leveled appropriately for different reading groups within the class.

We think they will be a fantastic reading resource for our P3 children.


To access books on Oxford Owl. 

Google Oxford Owl and follow directions below.

  • Choose home
  • Browse ebooks
  • Browse library
  • My class login


Oasswords are as follows


p1a and p3a         (Just choose your class and type exactly what's on the same line, eg, P3B Login is (p1b and p3b)

p1b and p3b         

p1c and p3c         


Password for everybody is Holychild


I hope you find the reading material useful.


P3 Teachers


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