Holy Child Primary School

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Dear Children ! 

We are so glad to see you have visited our class page!  The teachers have been working very hard to organise lots of fun learning activities for you.  Just click on the link below to take you to our 'Home Learning' page.

Hi Everyone,

Please check out our home learning page on the website to find  some useful activities to use at home.

We are learning about People who help us as part of our World Around Us theme.

The Fire Brigade came to visit P1 and showed us their uniform and equipment.  

We sat inside the fire engine and tried on the helmets.

Learning through play is so much fun.  We have dressed up as fire fighters, nurses, doctors, patients and builders.


Pancake Tuesday


Guess what we had for our snack today?

We had to whisk the flour, sugar, eggs and milk together. 

We had jam, butter or lemon on our delicious pancakes.

Yum Yum!


Happy Valentine's Day


We said "Goodbye" to Mr Short.

We will miss you!

Playtime is the best time!😀

We go to Computers on Tuesday.

We can use the mouse and click on the answer.


Merry Christmas 

from P1a


Elfie Selfies

How cute do we look?


We went to the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum on Tuesday 18th November.  

It was great fun travelling on the bus with our Mums, Dads, Grannies and Grandads. 

We met Berkeley Bear and he helped us to find out about lots of different ways we can travel.  We saw lots of old trains, buses and cars.


Berkeley Bear

We are learning about toys as part of World Around Us.  We are learning about what toys are made of and how they work.

We can bring a toy to school for Show and Tell.  Have a look at the toys brought in so far.


Odd socks day to mark

anti-bullying week

A Spooktacular Day in school 

Hallowe'en Arts and Crafts

The Witches of Hallowe'en 

The scariest you have ever seen

They fly around at night and give you such a fright.

The witches of Hallowe'en.

Self Portraits by P1a

How good do we look?

Another beautiful day in October so we decided to spend it outside on our patio.  Learning outside is so much fun.  Take a look at our photographs.
    What a beautiful day for a walk.  We had so much fun looking for signs of Autumn around our school. We brought lots of colourful leaves back to our classroom. We will be making a bed of leaves for our hedgehogs as they will be hibernating soon.
Autumn art
We are learning about shapes and patterns.  We can sort the shapes and make pictures. We can sort the bears and talk about what we have done.  Look at our fantastic work!!!
We had so much fun at the sponsored walk.  We walked around the playground 5 times to help raise money for our school.
Lots of fun in P1.  We love playing with dough. Look at the fantastic faces we made with dough.

Nursery Rhyme Art and Crafts.

We have enjoyed singing our favourite nursery rhymes in school.

We painted our favourite nursery rhyme and made a fantastic Humpty Dumpty picture.

Look who started Primary One and having lots of fun with their new friends.

Look who started P1 and had lots of fun.


Our first day in Primary One.

We had so much fun playing with our new friends.