Holy Child Primary School

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Genre: Varied Forms of Writing:

Each half term in Primary 5 the children will focus on one style of creative/ informative writing. 

Each style of writing has key elements that must be included; we refer to these as the Success Criteria for each genre.  We focus each lesson on a WALT (We are learning to) and a WILF (what I'm looking for).

The first focus is on Recount writing.

WALT: Identify Success Criteria of a RECOUNT

1 Begin with an interesting introduction.

2 Write ideas in chronological order. (Time)

3 Use TIME words. (First, then, next, after...)

4 Use PAST tense verbs.

5 Add exciting adjectives and feelings.

6 Write in the FIRST person. (I/ We)

7 Finish with a conclusion. (Finally)


We have written some creative and imaginative recounts over the past few weeks.




We complete a lot of comprehension activities throughout the year in Primary 5.

We encourage the children to checks for COPS in all of their written work:


C: Begin each answer with a capital letter.

O: Check that no words or word endings have been omitted.

P: Remember to use the appropriate punctuation. (A full stop or question mark at the end of each answer.)

S: Check all spellings very carefully. (Check in the question/ in your reading book/ comprehension text)

We attempt to complete all written tasks by writing answers in detailed, full sentences.

We will extend the pupils' knowledge and comprehension skills throughout this year,  by answering more "Inferential" questions.  These questions focus on why something has happened or a persons' motive for acting in a particular way.  We will encourage the children to give reasons for their answers and evidence from the text.

(The reading between the lines!)




Phonics in Primary 5

To help your child to read and write unfamiliar words we use a Phonic approach. 

We tap/ clap out the syllables in each word: com-put-er

We then segment/ split each chunk of the word into the separate sounds/ Phonemes: s-t-o-p/ ch-a-r-t/ p/l/ay/ c-o-m-p-u-t-er

If your child is unsure of the sounds, please speed read the phonemes on the Phonic Alphabet given to your child in their phonic book/ homework folder each night.  If they do not go over them at home, they will not be able to use these skills independently in class.


Not every single letter will make a separate sound (or phoneme). 

Some sounds cannot be separated such as sh/ ch/ th/ er/ ng/ or.

e.g. The word strong is made up of 5 phonemes:  s-t-r-o-ng .

The words buzz is made up of 3 phonemes: b-u-zz.


I will include the Phonic Alphabet to help you to go over these sounds at home.


There are lots of great games and activities that can be completed on the Topmarks website to consolidate lots of out phonic and other Literacy skills.