Holy Child Primary School

Sharing, Caring and Learning


Mighty Me

Mighty Me is the first topic we will cover in P5. In this topic we will learn all about our bodies, how they work and what they are made of. 








In groups the children used an outline of a friend to create a drawing of our internal organs.  They had great fun getting to work as a team to try and create 'life size' art.

Our Taste Test



After learning about our tongues and our taste buds we decided to test them out.  The children performed a blind taste test of 6 flavours of crisps.  They had to taste and guess what they were eating.  The results really shocked some of the children.


The children voted for their favourite flavour.

Crisp 1: Worcester sauce - 1

Crisp 2: Tomato Ketchup - 2

Crisp 3: Pickled Onion - 2

Crisp 4: Beef and Onion - 3

Crisp 5: Marmite - 1

Crisp 6: Smoky Bacon - 12

Investigating sound



The children had great fun exploring how our ear works and learning all about the bones in our ear.  To investigate our hearing we used:

               a stethoscope to listen to our own hearts and others

               tuning forks and balloons

               a listening rod to hear the water in the pipes 

               yogurt cartons to create a phone line


Our Smell Test



To help learn about our sense of smell the children tried to identify various scents or smells including mouthwash, curry, cinnamon, vinegar, black pepper.  The children had great fun trying to guess and were amazed at how many they got right.