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Money Help Sheet

Monday's Heinemann 5 page 13-14 or Heinemann 6 page 47 (this is a bit tricky)

Tuesday's Target Maths 4 page 72 and Target Maths 5 page 74. Choose the appropriate one, you do not need to do both.

Wednesday Target Maths continued. Target Maths 4 page 73 and Target Maths 5 page 75

Thursday's Measures Tasks. Target Maths 4 page 74 and Target Maths 5 page 76.

Friday's Measures Tasks (continued). Target Maths 4 page 75 and Target Maths 5 page 77

Mental Maths Blank Answer Sheet Week2

Mental Maths Week 2

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Listen carefully to the questions and write your answers quickly.