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Welcome to our class page! 

We are P4c!

We hope you enjoy reading about the exciting work we are doing - check out the latest news and pics! 

And the award goes to...

September and October winners!

September and October winners!  1
September and October winners!  2
November winners!
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Term 2:

Our theme is Animal Magic!

We sorted animals for features we can see.

The sets can also overlap! 

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Picture 4

Sorting animals is also called classifying. 

Now we will find out about MR FAB. 

Odd Socks Day! 

Just like us... we are all different. And we are all equal! 

Term 1:

Our theme is Time to Move




We tried to arrange the toys in chronological order -

there was a lot of discussion! 

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How do our toys move? 

We examined our toys to see what helps them to move. 

We can make many things move by pushing and pulling!

How many can you think of?

This is our Christmas sing-a-long! P4 sang Mrs. Santa Claus

Still image for this video

Healthy Bodies move better!

We looked at the amount sugar we should be eating. For 7-11 years old it is 6 teaspoons (24g) per day. We looked at food labels and discovered that some foods have a lot of hidden sugar!

Sugary Drinks?

We decided to investigate the effect of sugary drinks on our teeth. 

We used eggshells as they are a similar material to the enamel on our teeth. 

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Picture 2
We put the eggshell into the drink and waited...

It's thumbs down for Coke and Boost!

Thumbs up for water and milk. 

Do you know for how long you should brush your teeth?

2 minutes! Watch as we had a go! 

And the results? A sparkling white smile! 

Time to dress up! Fright Night Friday! 


When animals move to a warmer country it is called migration. 

We went to Castle Espie to find out more! 

Picture 1

Thousands of Brent geese fly from Arctic Canada

to Iceland to Strangford Lough. 

The migration map.

The geese love to eat eel grass!

How many can you name?

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Picture 2

Our visit to Castle Espie was the best day ever!  

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We have been thinking about how our bodies grow and change over time. 

We have grown since last year. So we wondered...

Who will grow the most this year?

So we measured our heights.

We will do this again in June so that we can discover who has grown the most. 

We also predicted who will grow the most ... What is your prediction?

Here we are from tallest to shortest!

Here we are from tallest to shortest!  1

Personal hygiene is a problem for Dirty Bertie! 

But not for us! We made our own handwash!

Look at our chalk Self Portraits! Miss Rooney thinks we are all artists - just like Picasso! 

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Picture 3
Picture 4

We are learning about the body!

We are learning about the body! 1

This was a difficult jigsaw- but we didn't give up! 

We love to make things that move! 

During Activity Time we enjoy a challenging game! 

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Picture 2
We have been remembering our Baptism. Look at how much our feet have grown - these christening shoes are tiny! 

We wondered ... Who has the biggest feet in P4c? 

To find out we arranged ourselves in order of shoes size! 

Guess what we found out... the tallest children have the biggest feet! And the shortest children have the smallest feet! 


We examined a range of footwear.

We looked at the material it was made from and how this can help us to move.

Then we decided to sketch the footwear. 

We used charcoal and artist pencils (2B) ! 

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Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Miss Rooney is very proud of us because we were able to take turns and share equipment! 

Teamwork makes the dream work! 

Grow in Love is our Religion programme. 

This month we are finding out about Jesus.

He performed many miracles. He used his hands to heal. 


We pray that we may use our hands to help others too! 

We blessed our hands. 

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Picture 2

During October we use our hands to say the rosary. Look at our Sacred Space!

During October we use our hands to say the rosary. Look at our Sacred Space!  1