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Welcome to Mrs Madden's class.

We have settled really well into Primary 4.  

Our World Around Us theme is "Time to Move" and we will be finding out how things change over time.  We know that we will change as we get older.  We decided to measure our height and shoe size at the start of P4 and at the end of P4.  

How much will we grow?

Teighan was the tallest. He is 140cm. Sophia is the shortest. She is 117cm.  Who will be the tallest and shortest in June and who will have grown the most?

We had so much fun drawing life size pictures of our friends.

We painted the lifesize drawings and put them on display in our classroom. 

Picture 1

Art is so much fun!

We brought lots of different shoes to school and we were allowed to put our shoes on the desk!!!!

Take a look at our sketches.